Bravo Systems Services

Bravo's VMI Program-  When Less is More

The goal of the Vender Managed Inventory (VMI) Program is to right size your packaging inventory, reduce stock on hand, and match delivery of packaging products to your production demands with a safety stock. Experienced Bravo professionals check your inventory on a set schedule, order the needed products with your approval, and deliver the products on time.

With Bravo Vender Managed Inventory, less inventory means more profitability.  That is how less really is more.


  • Wasted Time:  Less of your time spent managing inventory levels.
  • Inventory: Less inventory on hand frees up space.
  • Dollars:  Less capital tied up in slow moving inventory.
  • Surprises:  Less of what you don't want hear:  "Did you know we are out of…?"


  • Peace of mind: Peace of mind knowing your inventory is being monitored.
  • Space:  For profit generating production, not storing excess inventory.
  • Profit:  Cash flow improves with lower inventories and increases profit.
  • Time: Frees up your time to focus on really important things.

Bravo's VMI program is easy to implement.  We can start with just a few of your packaging items and prove to you how efficient and profitable the program really is. 

Our VMI program helps you reduce your inventory and the time you take to manage your packaging inventory, letting you focus on more demanding issues.

LESS IS MORE with Bravo’s VMI Program!