Bravo Systems has a complete line of Industrial Packaging Equipment.  The right equipment on your line can increase through put, increase efficiency, help eliminate workman comp claims, improve your packaging and reduce your packaging costs.  That’s something everyone needs!

When Bravo started over 23 Years ago we had a VISION to provide packaging supplies, materials, and equipment that were better than what was currently available in the market place.  We have grown to carry top of the line equipment from the best manufacturers in the country.

Orion Stretch Wrappers are one such piece of equipment. Our first year in business we sold an Orion Stretch Wrapper and it is still in use today, wrapping load after load 23 years later!

Our Eagle Case Sealers are another quality piece of equipment. Case sealers can greatly increase efficiency in the workplace by decreasing labor costs, eliminating injuries, and reducing tape waste.  Our Eagle case sealer is flexible enough to run either 2” or 3” tape without the cost of changing the tape head. 

These are just a couple of examples of equipment you need on your line.  Bravo has everything from Case Sealers, Strapping Machines, Label and Coding Equipment, Metal Detectors, Shrink Wrappers, to Stretch Wrappers. Let a Bravo representative work with you and review your operation and give you a VISION of how our equipment can help make your packaging better, stronger, and smarter than your competition!

So when you need to tape it, strap it, label it, mark it, shrink it and/or wrap it, check with Bravo!  You will be glad you did.  Let Bravo show you how quality equipment can make a difference on your bottom line!

  • Orion Stretch Wrappers
  • Eagle Case Sealers
  • Mosca, Strapack Strapping Machines
  • Shrink Equipment 

VISION, let Bravo help you see the possibilities!